Installing update 1.0.1 and custom content locations

Update 1.0.1 is a quick fix that frees those of you who had to locate the blob file every time they opened their DAW of the problem. 

If you keep your content in it's default location you can just install the update and keep using IRON.

If you had moved the content to a custom location in your installation of 1.0.0. (either by selecting such location in the installer or by manually moving the content), please read on:

Have you moved the content to an external drive?

If the answer is "yes":

Please install the update and use the default location for the content during installation. After installation has completed, please move the content from the default location to the location on the external drive overwriting the previous file.

The default locations are:


/Library/Application Support/UJAM/IRON



If the answer is "no":

Please select the current location of the content as the target location in the installer. It will automatically overwrite the content in that location.

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    Currently protools 12.7 macos 10. 12.3. 
    VG-IRON_osx_ 611.pkg. I do not understand the meaning of 1.0.1.
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    Currently protools 12.7 macos 10. 12.3.

    It is not displayed as AAX instrumental. It can not be used.

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    Joachim Smith

    Moving the .blob to an external disk doesn't work in the Mac environment, not even using v 1.0.2 of, in this example, VD-PHAT and Live 10 in Sierra 10.12.6.

    If I manually move the .blob to one of my external SSD:s, the plug does ask for the location of the content. When I navigate to my external disk, the blob is greyed out…

    Furthermore, while v 1.0.2 does offer a free choice of content installation, as soon as this location involves an external disk, all locations are greyed out in the dialog.

    Of course, the natural location for GB:s of content IS on an external disk, and thgis frustrating problem needs to be fixed ASAP.

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    Joachim Smith

    Hi again,

    The workaround, on Mac OS, was staring me in the face but I just now remembered how I used to do it.

    You put the .blob wherever you want it (external SSD in my case), make a ***symbolic link*** – symlink – of the .blob and then put the symlink where the plug expects the .blob (hd-whatever/library/application support/UJAM/ etc.). Of course you have to remove the ' symlink' suffix.

    I just tested with demos of VD-PHAT and VG-SPARKLE. Easy peasy (on Mac) with the freeware SymbolicLinker 2.1.1 ( You don't even have to mess with the terminal.

    Until UJAM can get around to fixing the installer… ;-)

    Kind regards,


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