Installing update 1.0.1 and custom content locations




  • xnan02555
    Currently protools 12.7 macos 10. 12.3. 
    VG-IRON_osx_ 611.pkg. I do not understand the meaning of 1.0.1.
  • xnan02555

    Currently protools 12.7 macos 10. 12.3.

    It is not displayed as AAX instrumental. It can not be used.

  • Joachim Smith

    Moving the .blob to an external disk doesn't work in the Mac environment, not even using v 1.0.2 of, in this example, VD-PHAT and Live 10 in Sierra 10.12.6.

    If I manually move the .blob to one of my external SSD:s, the plug does ask for the location of the content. When I navigate to my external disk, the blob is greyed out…

    Furthermore, while v 1.0.2 does offer a free choice of content installation, as soon as this location involves an external disk, all locations are greyed out in the dialog.

    Of course, the natural location for GB:s of content IS on an external disk, and thgis frustrating problem needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Joachim Smith

    Hi again,

    The workaround, on Mac OS, was staring me in the face but I just now remembered how I used to do it.

    You put the .blob wherever you want it (external SSD in my case), make a ***symbolic link*** – symlink – of the .blob and then put the symlink where the plug expects the .blob (hd-whatever/library/application support/UJAM/ etc.). Of course you have to remove the ' symlink' suffix.

    I just tested with demos of VD-PHAT and VG-SPARKLE. Easy peasy (on Mac) with the freeware SymbolicLinker 2.1.1 ( You don't even have to mess with the terminal.

    Until UJAM can get around to fixing the installer… ;-)

    Kind regards,


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