I already own Reason "A-List Guitarist/Drummer" Rack Extension(s) - how can I get a discount on UJAM Instruments plug-ins

If you have officially purchased one or all of the Reason Rack Extensions “A-List Guitarist” series or “A-List Drummer” series you can get a 50% discount coupon if you want to purchase the correlating “Virtual Guitarist/Virtual Drummer” VST/AU/AAX Plugin.


To get the coupon, send a message to support@ujam.com like in the following example:


 — You already own “A-List Acoustic Guitarist”

 — You want to purchase VG-AMBER

 — You send us a copy or screenshot of your invoice of “A-List Acoustic Guitarist”

 — We send you a 50% discount code 

 — You purchase VG AMBER through our regular webshop and enter the code on checkout

You can of course get discount codes for two or all of the products if you already own the correlating rack extensions.

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