How do I use Apple's GarageBand to host UJAM Instruments plug-ins?

Apple's free music creation software lets you host Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Drummer, and Beatmaker as an AU plugin, this is a bit tricky because you have to go some extra steps.

1. Choose GarageBand > Preferences…, then Audio/MIDI > Effects and ensure Audio units is checked.

2. Select a Software Instrument track, or create a new one. (Track > New Track… > Software Instrument and click Create.)

3. Select the track, and click the Smart Controls button on the toolbar (the one that looks like a knob).

4. Click the ‘i’ icon in the Smart Controls pane. (The “Inspector”)

5. Look for the Audio Units section – you may need to scroll or resize if it isn’t visible.

6. On the right, you’ll see areas labeled AU Instrument. Choose UJAM and in that menu pick the plug-in you want to use.

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