Is it possible to use UJAM Instruments Plug-ins without Internet Connection?

We all know a professional musician that spent a big amount of money and time to set up his/her Studio! In order to retain a safe Studio Environment, it is evident to keep out the world-wide-web.

Since our copy protection system works based on system fingerprints a direct offline authorisation is not possible but here is a workaround to activate UJAM Instruments plug-ins with an offline computer.

Follow the ten steps below:

  1. Download the selected UJAM Instruments plug-in from our website
  2. Transfer it to the computer you desire it to use it on
  3. Install the program regularly
  4. Open your DAW and load an instance of the plugin
  5. Go to the following location and find the .ops file

    Mac - {SYSDRIVE}:/USERS/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/UJAM/____.ops
    Win - {SYSDRIVE}:/USERS/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/UJAM/_____.ops

  6. Provide us with your e-mail address
  7. Send the .ops file as an a attachment
  8. Wait for us to send back the authorised .ops
  9. Replace your old .ops file with the one we sent you
  10. Enjoy the plug-in!


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