How do I install my pre-ordered Virtual Bassist on Windows?

Step-by-Step Guide to install Virtual Bassist ROYAL, ROWDY, or MELLOW

Thanks for pre-ordering, until December 17, the plug-ins are only available through a Dropbox-Link. After the official release, you will be able to access your plug-in, as with any other UJAM plug-in, in your account.


Step 1:

Download the .rar package from Dropbox.


Step 2:

Extract the content to your desired location.
(We used WinRar, feel free to use any other Unarchiver tool)


Step 3: 

Unpack the package.


Step 4:

Follow the Windows Setup Assistant.


Step 5: 

Enjoy your new plug-in from UJAM Instruments!


Need assistance with WinRar?

Click here to get help with WinRar.


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  • Avatar
    Matthias Hollemann

    I was pleased to order Virtual Bassist Royal. Setup was successful. But Cubase gets a blue screen, when I start the program an scanned the Bassist. When I uninstall the Virtual Bassist, I can use Cubase without problems.

    Can someone help me?

  • Avatar
    kieran wills

    Tried downloading this package twice - fails after downloading 6.4 GB - Error message refers to Dropbox.

    After checking, it seems the RAR file is corrupt and is looking for a Dropbox link.

    I NOW see some text about Dropbox-link in the above FAQ but I have no clue what it means. Do I need a Dropbox account to hold the download?  This is just a stupid annoyance.

    I kept copies of the Downloaded files - can I fix them?

  • Avatar
    Matthias Hollemann

    The dopbox link was okay. No Error message. Rar don´t aks for another link. The Bassist was intalled, but when I start Cubase from the beginning, I get a blue screen.

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